The CPG Wolves: Coaching For Profits

The CPG Wolf Program is a close-knit brotherhood, hell bent on one thing only:

Chasing Poker Greatness.

Powered by bleeding edge Wolf strats and led by Coach Brad and his lieutenants, CPG Wolves are systematically prepared for almost any spot they’ll encounter on the green felt.

If you want to plug into an elite team and have a step-by-step game plan to help you realize your full poker potential, you can apply now.

Space is limited and the pack is only as strong as its weakest member. So only the hungriest, grittiest, and most driven will be accepted into the program.

Applications are open…

There’s Poker Stables, And Then There’s the CPG Wolves:

CPG Wolves

CPG Wolves Part 1: Poker Coaching For Profit

Today’s episode features some pretty big news: After spending countless hours honing his private coaching skills and building out data-based training courses, Coach Brad is throwing his hat in the Coaching For Profits (CFP) arena.

So if you’ve ever been interested in going behind-the-scenes of an upstart CFP operation or are

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Frequently Asked Questions About The CPG Wolves CFP:

"Hi Coach Brad, I'm interested in joining a poker CFP like the Wolf program but don't really know where to start on my path. Any advice?"

From Coach Brad Wilson:

“The easiest path into the Wolves CFP (Coaching For Profits) is to join Greatness Village and become a familiar face within the community. This could mean just popping in and joining discussions, enrolling in CPG poker courses like Preflop Bootcamp, Fish In A Barrel & Feeding Frenzy, or getting the Neutralizer series of poker courses for free by using one of our affiliate links. Getting private poker coaching with Coach Shu is also a great way to integrate yourself into the community (Shu is one of the CPG Wolves coaches).

As for when you arrive at a point where you would potentially apply to join Wolves, the most critical factors we look for in applicants are:

  • Do we like this person? Talent (or lack thereof) takes a backseat to how much myself and the other coaches enjoy spending time with each individual Wolf because we end up spending a LOT of time with each individual Wolf and we want to spend time with folks whose company we enjoy.
  • Does this person have what it takes to make it in poker? On the felt, that means we are looking for folks with strong thought processes who are able to identify relevant data points under pressure. Off the felt, this means we are looking for applicants with strong work ethic who genuinely love studying and playing the game of poker.
  • Does deploying MDA-based poker strategy resonate with this poker player? We have found that folks who are dogmatic with regard to solvers just aren’t a good fit for our program. For what it’s worth, we do use solvers, but we are very, very careful regarding their outputs.


If you have any more questions, just let us know. Hope this helps, and feel free to apply for the CPG Wolves poker CFP when ready!”

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