"After 2 months of coaching, I’ve gone from slightly winning at 500NL to comfortably beating the game. Now I’m confidently taking the leap to become a full time pro." - Shu Sekito

1-1 Private Cash Game Coaching

Your Fast-Track to Gaining Awareness of Your Biggest Leaks, Directed and Impactful Study Habits, and a Framework for Rapid Improvement.


"Brad has consistently crushed the games since the poker boom, but more importantly, he also knows how to give you the knowledge required to elevate your own game."

Jonathan Little

WPT Player of the Year, 14-Time Bestselling Poker Author, and Founder of PokerCoaching.com

“It takes about two seconds to see how much Brad cares about the success of his students. 

Combine that with a long track record of crushing both live and online cash games, and it’s clear to me that anyone not already beating high stakes would benefit greatly from working with him.”

Jason Su

Performance Coach of Elite Poker Stable Poker Detox, Author of "Poker with Presence", & Founder of PokerWithPresence.com

"Brad continues to impress me with his dedication to coaching effectively and putting out a quality product. 

He cares immensely about the value of what he produces and knows exactly what his students need to focus on to improve their results."

Kevin Rabichow

Run It Once Elite Coach, Winner of RIO Legends HU Event, & One of the Brightest Minds in Poker Today

"Brad's solid because his method is scientific.

I would put him in a small category of industry coaches who hold themselves to the standard of supplying only the most proven, effective strategies."

Nick Howard

Former RIO Elite Coach & Founder of POKER DETOX, the Gold Standard of Poker Stables

"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach" - George Bernard Shaw

This was a line in a 1905 stage play and, I gotta say...

What a bunch of BS.

Ever heard of Albert Einstein, Stephen King, Spike Lee, Steve Wozniak, or Albus Dumbledore? 

That last one may be fictional but dammit if Dumbledore wasn't the baddest living wizard in his day (Also Dumbledore's creator, J.K. Rowling, is a helluva teacher herself).

The truth is that teaching is a separate skill from competing and requires mountains of hard-work and introspection so that you can become a trusted guide who genuinely makes an impact on your student's life... 

And I believe too few folks in the poker space have taken this responsibility as seriously as they ought to.

The Coaching Process You Can Expect

My approach to coaching is fluid and ever-evolving because I continually strive to upgrade my coaching skills so that I can honor your trust in a way that gives me joy.

I view private poker coaching as a mutual relationship and take any failure in your poker journey personally.

With that said, here's a breakdown of my current methodology:
  • You record a play & explain (Live play narration) video doing your best to verbalize the thought process behind your decision making.
  • ​You share your video with me and use my scheduling link to lock in a time for our private coaching session together.
  • We breakdown your video together with a focus on identifying areas where you can make significant improvements.
  • You receive targeted homework focused directly on the major leaks we identified in your coaching session.
  • You repeat the process for your next private coaching session and present your completed homework before we dive into your next video.
You can also expect me to use Mass Data Analysis (MDA) and PIO Solver on occasion to further solidify the "why" behind any suggested major changes to your game.


"I have been investing in coaching for less than 4 months.

In that short time I have noticed substantial improvements in my game and in my life.

My game has pulled a 180. Went from a losing player to a winning one. 

Went from being frustrated and lost to confident and excited."

"Before coaching, I would randomly study whatever I thought was helpful. 

Brad identified key leaks in my game that significantly impacted my win rate. This relieved the helplessness I experienced when I was figuring out poker by myself. 

When working on the homework items from Brad, it was assuring to know the energy I was spending towards studying would directly impact my overall win rate and ultimately accelerated my path to beating 500NL."
"The biggest fear was that I'd invest in a coach that didnt mesh with me. 

 This is something that can't be known before you take the plunge though, so I knew I had to start somewhere.

I know without a doubt that I'd be out of the game if not for Coach Brad"


Because of the time and energy investment necessary for a successful student/coaching relationship...

You must be willing to absorb constructive feedback, follow-through with completing your homework at a high standard, and show up to your private coaching sessions fully prepared.

If you can't fully commit I will cut you loose.

This is a relationship I take very seriously and I expect my students to do the same.

If you're truly ready to do the work necessary to elevate your poker game so that you can chase poker greatness...

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