Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Soft Skills That Will Help You Dominate on the Felt

On this week’s Tactical Tuesday, Coach Brad and Jon will be providing an overview of the non-technical skills necessary to compete at a high level. These are the skills that CPG’s Elites work to improve on a daily basis and serve as the core blocks of the Elite program. For poker performance upgrades that create a more resilience mental game, this is the Tactical Tuesday for you.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Live Poker Tells and Playing AKo

Coach Brad and Jon analyze a couple of hands played by Joe, one of Coach Brad’s private coaching students. Joe recently played on a live streamed game at Texas Card House and found himself making some tough decisions with AK offsuit. Tune in to hear the discussion on everything from shot-taking strategy for live poker to one of the most reliable physical tells you will ever learn about.