Philosophical Friday #019: Poker Entitlement (or Entitlement in Poker)

Join Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas in this week’s philosophical discussion about entitlement. Should poker players be entitled to good results after they put in the effort? What can we learn from life in general and how does variance and uncertainty fit in the big picture?

Philosophical Friday #018: Emotional Intelligence

This week Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas explore the role of emotions at the poker table. What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how does it relate to poker? How relevant is it to today’s pattern driven games and is it possible for one to cultivate it properly? Tune it to find out!

Philosophical Friday #017: The Mystery of Intuition

Join Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas in their conversation on arguably one of the most mysterious traits of poker players, intuition. Crediting the villager George for his excellent suggestion, the philosophical duo tries to define the concept, argue for its necessity, discuss its applicability to poker and ultimately investigate how it can be cultivated to improve win rates.

Philosophical Friday #016: Handling Uncertainty

This Philosophical Friday Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas following a suggestion from villager Ben are diving into the world of uncertainty. What is its role in poker and could it be eliminated or at least mitigated? More importantly, how can it be used to our advantage? Tune in to find out!

Philosophical Friday #015: The Art of Quitting

Join Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas in this week’s episode of Philosophical Friday as they discuss a subtle yet very crucial concept: quitting. Is quitting an easy way out or a valuable tool? How does one find the right time to employ it and if they do what are some potential benefits?

Philosophical Friday #014: Fun vs Profitability

This week Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas try to identify the two main incentives behind playing poker: namely having fun and being profitable. Are the two mutually exclusive? Are they at odds sometimes? If so, how does one find the proper tradeoff? Tune in to find out.

Philosophical Friday #013: Poker Ambassadors

This week Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas are joined by Humberto Jimenez to discuss the impact of the ever more popular poker streams when it comes to promoting the game as well as the role that poker professionals play in that regard.

Philosophical Friday #012: Life Lessons From Poker Sessions

In this week’s installment of Philosophical Friday, Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas summarize some of the lessons they learned from poker that apply to everyday life. From people skills, risk and money management, all the way to creating a business and dealing with Uncle Jimmy (aka he who shall not be named) this podcast has it all.

Philosophical Friday #011: The Cheating Epidemic

This week Brad and Duncan give their take on the vulnerabilities of online play as it pertains to cheating. They try to identify, motivate and explain the very complex issue of foul play and its current repercussions while they also attempt to offer some suggestions about potential paths that can be taken towards resolution.

Philosophical Friday #010: Handling Poker Losses

This week Brad and Duncan discuss the inevitability of losing in poker and how to deal with it. In particular, they discuss concepts such as the different levels of resolution of losing events, mastering recovery, horizontal versus vertical distribution of bad outcomes, as well as the proximity principle.