Detox Files #8: Are You Maximizing Your Resources?

One of Nick’s on-contract coaching for profits players has a major problem: he feels like he has no choice but to move back into his unsupportive parent’s home where his mental state and online poker results historically suffer. Listen today as Nick helps his player navigate a particularly dicey and emotionally charged situation by letting him know he isn’t making full use of the resources at his disposal.

Detox Files #7: How Do You Live The “Poker Vampire” Lifestyle & Maintain Healthy Relationships With Your Loved Ones?

In this episode of the Detox Files Nick Howard (Founder of Poker Detox Staking Group) has an optimization session with one of his contracted players who has a big problem: he’s been trained his entire poker career to practice good game selection (the after-hours poker vampire lifestyle) but knows the times he plays poker have a major affect on his relationship with his wife and family. Listen in and follow along as Nick helps his player navigate what is most certainly a mine field.

Detox Files #4: Using Language To Upgrade Your Performance

Today’s Detox Files episode starts off with a key “aha” moment that the player had from Nick and I’s first Chasing Poker Greatness conversation. They then delve into the way we talk to ourselves and how that creates delusions and negative emotions in poker (in this case frustration). They then work on how to practically apply language upgrades to improve performance, specifically around the need for a play that “should work” to work every time.

Detox Files #3: Do You Trust Yourself Enough To Be A Live Pro?

The first real deep dive into the unrealistic expectations that people have for scientifically navigating a career as a live player. It comes down to how much you trust yourself. If you’re not someone who’s not comfortable navigating on intuition, live is probably not a career that’s ever going to offer you the security you’re looking for.

Detox Files #2: How Do You Take A Responsible Shot At Pro Poker With A Family?

Today’s show features a consultation with Nick Howard where the guest is a family man who is heavily considering transitioning away from his IT job into playing poker. Is this a reasonable thought and how can he test the waters without diving fulling into the deep end of the pool? Find out in today’s episode.

Detox Files #1: Nick Howard Poker Career Consult

In today’s episode our guest is a passionate live player who’s very open about his insecurities from the start. Because of his openness, we’re able to find a clear answer to his (common) risk averse/bankroll issue. We’re then able to move on to solving a common fear/misconception that horses have around being backed and after that we get to his core fear (Which is extremely common). All in all it’s a nice clean progression that cuts straight to the heart of the problem.