Bryn Kenney is not brave.

Today I’m gonna tell you something extremely embarrassing about young Coach Brad.

Young Coach Brad was an absolute sucker for sappy romantic comedies. He loved all of them from “Untamed Heart” to “Can’t Hardly Wait”.

He may have watched and re-watched those kinds of movies many, many times.

Just thinking about lovestruck Romeo Preston Myers getting his sweetheart Amanda Becket makes me feel all the things.

Hell, to this day one of my favorite movies is “Jerry Maguire” and it’s a romantic comedy with some sports and Tom Petty sprinkled in.

But the specific sappy love story I wanna talk to you about today is a movie called “Angus”.

It’s about an overweight kid who pines for the pretty girl in school except she’s dating his perpetual tormenter. It’s a Hollywood tale as old as time itself.

The ending of the movie itself isn’t what I wanna talk about today (Even if you haven’t seen it, you already know how it ends).

What I wanna talk about today is a quote from “Angus” on the subject of Bravery.

The quote goes something like this:

“Superman isn’t brave.

Superman is indestructible and you can’t be brave if you’re indestructible. It’s people who are different that are brave. People who can be crushed and know it…

Yet they keep on going out there every time.”

If you’re constructed like Superman (Or Bryn Kenney) where fear has no place in your life experience, you simply don’t get to be brave because you have no opportunity.

When you can plunk down a million, bust out, and just shrug your shoulders like “What are ya gonna do?” you’re just operating on another level from the rest of us mere mortals.

The rest of us have to summon the courage to be brave in those kinds of situations.

They’re the spots where you find out what you’re made of.

Where the outcome of your decision means feeling like a giant dope or a genius with no options in-between.

Most folks can’t stand the heat so they just punt, take the coward’s way out, and say something along the lines of “I’ll just wait for a better spot”.

Yeah, that’s not a thing in cash games and if you punt too much eventually you find yourself out of a job.

In this world, memorizing all the strategic knowledge is simply not enough.

As the old saying goes:

“Not only do you have to know what the right move is, you actually have to make it as well.”

The first half of this internal battle is knowing what the right move is. The second half is being brave and bold enough to execute…

Even if the prospect of five bet ripping with A5s makes you wanna throw up.

This is something we discuss often during the Office Hours portion of Preflop Bootcamp (Firing back up this Saturday at 2 pm EST).

I know I keep promising I’m going to raise the price to $297 but, frankly, I’ve been lazy this past month.

By lazy I mean I’ve been doing so much stuff I haven’t had the willpower to write any newsletters.

After this round, I pinky-promise the price is gonna jump up to $297 and Preflop Bootcamp will never again be offered at $199.

So if you’re looking to learn exactly what you ought to do preflop so that you can then practice summoning your bravery in uncomfortable spots…

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I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Coach Brad