“Brad, you’re horrible at business.” – Jason Su

A few months back I let one of the top high performance coaches in the poker world, Jason Su, run one of my Wednesday night Poker Power Hours.

At the end of the Jason Su led PPH he tossed me an alley oop…

“Brad – If anybody in here wants to retake Preflop Bootcamp, how much does it cost?”

ME: “Nothing, it’s free to retake as many times as they need to.”

Jason while smiling and shaking his head: “Brad, you’re horrible at business.”

As a person with a massive chip on his shoulder who’s admittedly struggled with a low sense of self-worth and codependency in his early adult life, I fully admit he’s 100% accurate…

I have this build-in desire to over deliver.

But I also know there’s only so much time in a day.

Which is why I’ve invested a ton of energy creating video guides that will automate the bulk of Preflop Bootcamp so that you can go through it at your own pace and I won’t have to physically run 5 meetings every month.

But I’m not completely finished.

Under normal circumstances, I’d hold three Zoom calls throughout Bootcamp so that I can answer both your daily discussion questions and any follow-up preflop questions you might have…

But because I’ve already created videos that answers all of that, doing normal Office Hours would make as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

So one time and one time only, I’m gonna do something a little different…

Instead of 3 normal Bootcamp Zoom calls, this month’s class of Bootcampers will get 3 private group coaching sessions instead.

Bootcamp’s price of $297 is less than I would outright charge for just the group coaching sessions.

(Plus you get access to future Bootcamps for life)

So a note to Mr. Jason Su –

I know, I know, I know. Just this one last time…

If you wanna strike while the iron’s hot and hop into this month’s special Preflop Bootcamp, here’s your link:


Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad