Black Friday, Shmack Ryday

After going through poker’s Black Friday back in 2011, you’ll have to excuse me for not being ultra amped about celebrating a day of the year pop culture also refers to as Black Friday.

It just feels a little bit gross, knowwhatimeanVern?

Thank goodness the poker community didn’t call April 15th 2011 “Christmas” because that very well could have ruined my kids lives.

Beyond universally hating all Black Fridays, I also strive to be a man of my word and pride myself in taking care of my customers.

Whenever I send you a newsletter where I say, “This is the lowest price this product will ever be sold. Act now, the price will be doubling tomorrow” you can feel confident in taking my word on both accounts.

I also happen to believe the products we’ve created thusfar are criminally underpriced for the value they give. That’s OK, it just gives me ample opportunity to follow through on future threats.

But because I love you I’m also a huge fan of giving you opportunities and don’t wanna leave you hanging.

So instead of giving you a yuge Black Friday deal that makes last month’s batch of Bootcampers wanna punch me in the face because they paid full price, I’ll instead offer you this:

If there’s someone (Or many someone’s) you know who gets excited and starts frothing at the mouth about the prospect of winning money playing cards, seduce them into buying Preflop Bootcamp and you can keep 50% of the revenue.

I like to call these kinds of spots win/win/win’s. You and I make some dollars and someone you like gets to have an insanely valuable poker experience.

So if you’d like to get set up as a CPG affiliate just smash that reply button, let me know you’re down for spreading the word, and the magical elves who work for me will get you all set up.

EZ Peazy, lemon squeezy.

Until Tomorrow,

Coach Brad

P.S. 50% will be the largest affiliate percentage I’ll ever give out and will apply to select future CPG products as well. So if you wanna get in the game, today’s the day to let me know friendo.