Big britches be crazy


Yelled the giant farmer wearing the biggest set of overalls I’ve ever seen in my life (And I was born in Tennessee, so I have seen my fair share of giant overalls).

The farmer aggressively huffed & puffed his way across the poker room over to the Tiny Floor Man.

TINY FLOOR MAN: What’s the problem Otis?

OTIS: These people at my table are talking all about MEDITATION and shit and it’s pissing me off!! Make them STOP!!

TINY FLOOR MAN looks OTIS dead in the eyes…

TINY FLOOR MAN: Otis, sit your ass back down at that table, shut your mouth, and grow up!

The slack jawed Otis stared in shock as the Tiny Floor Man casually walked away.


This hilarious interaction played out last weekend in Cherokee, NC and it got me thinking…

What did the Tiny Floor Man know that allowed him to calmly tell Giant Otis to go fork himself?

Here are some of my personal theories:

  • Otis talks a big game but is quite harmless.
  • If you don’t shut Otis down straightaway he’ll get more belligerent.
  • Otis loves arguing and causing scenes so if you speak to him rationally things get worse.
  • The Tiny Floor Man is secretly the world’s biggest badass.

…but the one thing I’ll bet the house on? The Tiny Floor Man knew SOMETHING!

He had a mental profile of Otis that allowed him to handle the situation perfectly.

Now imagine a world where I had access to every single high pressure situation you’ve ever been in. From making decisions in massive pots to performing in front of crowds to summoning up the courage to ask out your biggest crush…

Armed with that data, how accurate do you think I’d be in predicting how you’re going to perform in similar situations in the future?

The truth: Very, very accurate.

As Economic Nobel Prize winner Ronald Coase said:

“Torture the data, and it will confess anything”

I have tortured massive amounts of poker data… Click the link below to see its shocking confessions:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad