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Barry Carter



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Episode 17

My guest today is accomplished poker journalist and author, Barry Carter.

Barry has written for both online and print magazines as well as having had a hand in writing and publishing the most successful poker book ever written, The Mental Game of Poker (Which, coincidentally, is also the most often suggested reading material by my “Chasing Poker Greatness” guests).

In addition to “The Mental Game of Poker”, Barry has also co-authored The Mental Game Of Poker 2 with Jared Tendler and Poker Satellite Strategy with Dara O’ Kearney.


On the media side, Barry has written and contributed to WPT magazine, PokerNews Magazine, Inside Poker Business, Poker Pro Europe, CardPlayer Magazine, and more.

He’s the former chief editor for PokerNews UK, where he spent just over five years in charge of all content and live reporting.
 Today Barry is’s chief editor who is responsible for managing just about all of the content that appears on the site. 
During our conversation, he walks us through some of the history of poker and poker media, and expands on how the relationship between the two has changed over the years. 
He speaks about the evolution of poker and how the game has changed his life. 
You’ll hear what it was like to experience Black Friday from the inside and get some opinions and insights into some of the most high-profile cheating scandals that have rocked the poker world both before and after that fateful day. 

Very few people have the kind of access that Barry has to the inside world of the poker industry and today’s show is a rare opportunity to peak behind the curtains and get an insider’s view of a world us regular old poker players rarely get to see.

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