Are you Red Pill inclined?

Today I wanna talk to you about reality.

You probably remember the famous scene from the Matrix where Morpheus asks Neo if he wants to take the Red Pill (so that he could see the Truth of reality) or the Blue Pill (so that he could continue to see the world as he has always seen it).

Taking the Red Pill represented a fork in the road that would change Neo’s entire existence forever. He would lose every single anchor that had ever given him peace and solace.

Imagine waking up and realizing your mom isn’t really your mom, your dad isn’t really your dad, and your soulmate isn’t really your soulmate.

That the grass, the sun, and your cats were illusions.

We root for Neo to take the Red Pill because we’ll get to see the Truth of the world- without taking any of the risk.

But if you actually found yourself being offered those same pills, the stakes would be much higher…

What if reality is really a harsh and barren wasteland drives you insane?

What if it’s something more amazing than you could ever fathom?

Thankfully, in poker the stakes are much lower.

Nonetheless there exists two realities and you’ll inevitably have to choose whether you want to take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill.

Because you’re on this list and you’re reading this newsletter, my suspicion is that you’re Red Pill inclined. You’re curious about the Truth of this game and are aware what you’re seeing and experiencing is likely not what’s really going on.

You sense a depth to this game that feels almost infinite.

Greatness Village (Our private Slack community) is where you go if you wish to take the Red Pill.

The Villagers are consciously seeking out the Truth while living with the pain, suffering, beauty, and pleasure of navigating the real poker world.

While the Blue Pill lets you sit back and daydream about winning the WSOP Main Event and pretend like you’re gonna to be a future Poker Hall of Famer…

The Red Pill shows you the Truth: Finding massive success and fame in this world is a herculean task and achieved by very few.

But, if you’re willing to open up and explore the truth of this game you might just learn that some of your poker dreams are more attainable than you would have thought.

So, just like Morpheus asked Neo, which Pill is it going to be for you today?

Here’s the link if you’re Red Pill inclined:

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad