Appreciation – MGM w/ Jason Su

A bit of advice:

If you want lasting success in this game, you’re gonna have to learn to weather those stretches where everything goes to shit.

Where you lose confidence.

And where everyone starts to look like a crusher.

It’s in those moments––not the times when money is being sucked into your life no matter what choices you make––that will show you whether or not you’re cut out to be playing poker.

What gets you through those times?

Things strong foundations, resilience, and good friends to provide emotional support and technical reassurance are all great to have.

But one thing will connect those dots:


The ability to generate real appreciation for yourself and all that you’re doing to make your dreams come true––that’s the stuff that can balance out all the pain that comes with this game.

Before you start making lists of things that you like about yourself, let me make one important distinction:

Appreciating in your mind is a lot different from generating a felt sense of appreciation throughout your body and nervous system. Doing it as a thought exercise feels almost like pushing through chores just to make sure you get them done, and gets little in the way of results.

Not great.

But when you know how to generate a real feeling of appreciation that washes all the way through you, you’ve got the winning ticket.

Master this, and your path to success will feel so much easier.

If you want some help with learning how to generate a genuine, felt sense of appreciation in your nervous system, I have a free guided audio warmup that shows you just how to do it. You can get it here:

Happy appreciating, best of luck out there, and see you next week.


Jason Su is the mindset and performance coach at Poker Detox and author of Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.