WSOP Writer, Live Reporter, Poker player
and All-Around Badass

Episode 30
I’m your host Brad Wilson, the founder of, and today my guest is the one and only Aleeyah Jadavji.

Aleeyah is a WSOP writer, live reporter, poker player, winner of the PokerStars $30k Platinum Pass, and all-around badass. 

Before we hop into Aleeyah and I’s conversation, I want to be upfront in that this was the most nervous I have ever been before any interview I have ever done. 

In these CPG intros I talk a lot about career winnings in the millions of dollars, awards won, and going to war playing massive stakes, but all of that pales in comparison to the battle Aleeyah is fighting.

A couple of years ago, after losing 100 lbs and feeling the best she’s ever felt, Aleeyah was dealing with some intense pain and went to the Dr. where she found out she had a 10 lb cancerous tumor in her stomach. 

Fortunately the tumor had not spread (Most likely for reasons we discuss in our conversation) and was successfully removed. 

Unfortunately the cancer did return and, like the true warrior she is, Aleeyah’s battle continues as of the release of this episode. 


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The vulnerability Aleeyah expressed in our conversation is of course incredibly inspiring, I am humbled to say that I now consider her a dear friend, and I can say with 100% confidence that this is my favorite podcast conversation of all-time … also, fuck cancer.

So, without any further ado, I bring to you Aleeyah Jadavji on Chasing Poker Greatness. 

Click any of the icons below, sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Aleeyah Jadavji on Chasing Poker Greatness.  
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