Agenda – MGM w/ Jason Su

This week’s topic:

Two very different ways to show up to a poker game.

The first, one we all know well:


Trying to “make it happen” by “focusing hard,” which generally leads to trying a little too hard, seeing things that aren’t really there, and making plays you would never advise a friend to make if you were sitting on the sofa talking shop, but that you push yourself into doing at the table.

The lesser known, and far more effective path:

Curiosity and openness.

A style defined by an approach rooted in the idea of “letting it happen.”

Where you’re not attached to any specific outcome.

Instead, you are flowing with what’s happening, taking it all in, and letting your strategies adjust on the fly.

When you’re here, you’re golden.

You zig when they zag, and you get out of the way before they even know they’re going to punch.

Your bluffs are clean, and there’s no fear inside you.

Just knowing what to do, and executing exactly as you know you should.

Unfortunately people don’t seem to find their way into this second place as often as they’d like.

The key?

To understand that curiosity is a feeling, not an idea.

If you try to understand it as a mental concept, you’re already out of the game. What you need to do to make it back into the zone is to tap into the feeling of curiosity and openness inside your nervous system, not your mind, and over time learn how to tap into that any time you want to play from this higher level.

Agenda kills profits.

Curiosity brings them back.

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Jason Su is the mindset and performance coach at Poker Detox and author of Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.