Access your “Pay What You Wish” CPG Mini-Course, NRL!

Today’s newsletter is gonna feel like all those times I ditched my t-shirt and sweatpants to handsomize myself with a freshly pressed suit to go to an event with my wife…


Because when SHE gets dressed up there’s not a human in the building who gives a damn about what I’m wearing.

And so it is today with your surprise gift, CPG Mini-Course Neutralize River Leads (NRL or Nurrle, for short).

Here’s what Nurrle covers:

You raise Preflop in position…

Cbet the flop –>

Cbet the turn –>

The Villain bets into you on the river.

Nurrle shows you…

  • Your EXACT calling thresholds on ALL river card types, including:

Overcards, Non-Overcards, Flush Completes, Flush Bricks, River Pairs, 4-Straight, 4-Flushes, & Double Pairs.

  • What hands are profitable to call with when you face a 1 percent to 70 percent pot sized river bet.
  • Exactly what hands you ought to call with when you face an 80%+ pot sized bet.
  • Your value raising threshold (When your hand meets the threshold, raising will make you the moneyz) on ALL river card types.
  • The perfect raise sizes so that you’re always extracting max value.
  • And whether or not bluff raising the river is a good idea.

All you gotta do is download the PDF attached to this email and Nurrle is yours until the end of time.

And here’s your link to access the “Pay What You Wish” Nurrle payment portal:

Talk to you tomorrow & happy Nurrle’ing.

Coach Brad