A Cheaper Alternative to Microstakes

Today I wanna answer a common question:

Should you start out battling in the Microstakes streets and work your way up so that you can learn without risking a boatload of cash?

I really hate giving the old tried and true poker coach answer of “It depends” but, in this case, I’m not making you suffer unnecessarily as it actually does depend.

If you’re just trying to acclimate yourself to the online poker environment so that you can figure out where all the buttons are, hopping into the microstakes streets isn’t a bad option. That way if you misclick all-in or don’t know how to read your hand, you’re only risking a couple of bucks.

Beyond that, however, I heavily advise you to steer clear of those penny blind games.

My reasoning is that Microstakes are quite silly. You can play your heart out day after day after day, run like the sun, and bring home a cool $30 a week for your efforts.

Plus, $200 NL is an entirely different beast than $5 NL, so you’re not even preparing yourself for higher levels of play as much as you might think.

That kid mowing grasses in his spare time down the street is out-earning your microstakes heroism by a fairly wide margin. So if you have a faster way to save up your first $1,000 or $2,000 for a starter bankroll (See: Any minimum wage job), do that instead of playing ultra small.

But how can you put in the reps and gain valuable experience making great decisions without toiling away in $0.01/$0.02 hell?

Let me introduce you to Range Trainer Pro (RTP).

RTP is a poker simulator that works on mobile and desktop that simulates high impact decision points you’re going to be facing at the table while giving you direct feedback on your choices.

Namely, after 50 reps (Which only takes a couple of minutes) you get a final score. It also makes an ultra loud Family Feud-esque buzzer noise whenever you screw the pooch (Which is both startling and hilarious).

Some of the October recruits of Bootcamp loved practicing their ranges in RTP so much (You get a free month of RTP + Instant access to training with the CPG Simplified Optimal Ranges when you sign up to Bootcamp) they informed me the $200 they spent for Bootcamp would have been worth it if only for discovering that RTP was a thing.

And because the creator of RTP (Former CPG guest K.L. Cleeton) loves both me and you, he gave me an exclusive 10% off code to share with you should you choose to invest in a subscription.

But you absolutely don’t have to subscribe to hop in the matrix and give it a whirl.

You can also create a free account to gather your bearings and, when you’re ready to step up your game, you can also try out the full version for two days before you have to cough up any sheckles.

So if you’d like to put in some high quality reps at impactful decision points without being in the pressure cooker of a live tournament or cash game, here’s your link to try out Range Trainer Pro:


And here’s your 10% off exclusive promo code: CPG10

Best of luck on the felt (Simulated, Virtual, or IRL), I’ll talk to you soon.

Coach Brad