A celebration of 10+ years of continued online poker improvements.

If there’s one word I could use to describe the ways online poker has improved (especially the cash game side) over the past decade, it would be…


So subtle, in fact, you may not even be able to notice any differences at all.

But if the poker-powers-that-be REALLY wanna level-up, I’ve made a list of business GIANTS (Along with their slickest business moves) I believe the major players in the poker industry could learn a thing or two from.


  • Blockbuster Video: SLICKEST MOVE –> Not buying Netflix.
  • Sears: SLICKEST MOVE –> Giant cavernous stores ran by 1 employee. Bonus: Buying retail juggernaut Kmart.
  • Radio Shack: SLICKEST MOVE –> Expensive electronics you could only buy in-store.
  • Borders Books: SLICKEST MOVE –> Resisting the temptation to sell e-books.
  • Kodak: SLICKEST MOVE –> Inventing digital cameras.
  • Toys R Us: SLICKEST MOVE –> Letting the 8-year-old customer’s serve themselves.
  • The Weinstein Company: SLICKEST MOVE –> Nope, can’t do it.
  • Ringling Bros. Circus: SLICKEST MOVE –> Forcing elephants to sleep in tiny cages.
  • Theranos: SLICKEST MOVE –> Raising $724 Million without having a product.
  • Gawker: SLICKEST MOVE –> Capitalizing on Hulk Hogan’s 24 inch python.
  • Movie Pass: SLICKEST MOVE –> Paying their customers to watch unlimited movies in theaters.
  • Palm: SLICKEST MOVE –> Beating calculator watches at their own game.
  • Enron: SLICKEST MOVE –> Creative accounting.
  • Circuit City: SLICKEST MOVE –> Staying true to the 80’s.
  • Kmart: SLICKEST MOVE –> Selling to Sears.
  • Geocities: SLICKEST MOVE –> Changing the terms and services so that Yahoo! owned all the IP created by their users and refusing to budge for 10 years.
  • DeLorean Motor Co: SLICKEST MOVE –> Using their fleet of unbought vehicles as cocaine distribution vessals.


If any of these businesses were poker players they for sure would NOT buy Feeding Frenzy…

Which would, of course, be the slickest poker move they ever made.


-Coach Brad