Poker Coaching & Courses Offering Definitive Solutions Drawn From Real World Hand Data.

Chasing Poker Greatness is your hub for all things poker, offering a clear roadmap of logical path learning for beginner, intermediate, and advanced poker players; all based on Mass Data Analysis (MDA) to arm you with bulletproof preflop preparation and definitive +EV solutions on all three streets.

Our cash game poker courses, expert coaching, and podcast perspectives — coupled with the best and most welcoming support and study community in the online poker space — stand to supercharge your chase for poker greatness.

Ready for some rungood?

Welcome to Chasing Poker Greatness. It's Kinda' Low-Key Becoming the Hub of Poker Online.

Poker Courses

It's solutions with simplicity. You won't find vague "theory" here. CPG courses are designed to offer definitive actions based on proven successful data that's rapidly learned and implemented to your game. Everything's based on millions of poker hands to identify tendencies of the global player pool and how to exploit them. The Mass Data Analysis (MDA) revolution has arrived, and it's here to help you be a cash game crusher!

Free Poker Training & Poker Resources

CPG is fast becoming a poker media empire. At the forefront of that is Tactical Tuesday: a free weekly video series focusing on a multitude of poker strategies and concepts at a variety of online and live stakes, broken down in a one-on-one hand review dissecting each action and identifying areas for improvement. Click through for additional topic-driven poker resources.

Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast

"Poker's legendary champions, next-generation stars, and tireless ambassadors of the game sharing their wisdom and guiding your journey to high achievement on the green felt. This is Chasing Poker Greatness." With over 200 interview episodes and counting, the CPG podcast is a gold mine of mindset and performance perspectives, as well as poker training and industry commentary.

Poker Coaching

CPG also offers direct, 1-on-1 poker coaching by our resident instructor Shu, an emerging virtuoso in not only playing poker, but in developing poker study habits and knowledge retention techniques to hardwire your poker brain for real-world results by not only fixing your specific mistakes, but also improving the way you think. Private poker coaching with Shu is not for the faint of heart, and that's exactly why you should want it.

Greatness Village Poker Community

The cornerstone of CPG is it's community. All are welcome in Greatness Village: a place for players of all skill levels and commitment to the game to share strategies, break down hands, and build each other up. Communal learning is one of the great differentiators of CPG's course curriculum. If you have a question, Brad and the community are there for you. And of course the occasional roast is always good for growth!

Poker Blog Archive

Coach Brad Wilson has seen his fair share on the green felt and of course online. Fortunately his gift of gab extends beyond the podcast and onto (digital) paper, as well. He's many insightful blog posts to shed light on poker perspectives, poker strategies, poker advice, and metaphoric musings to help you conceptualize this crazy game and have a laugh while doing it. Subscribe to the newsletter to keep in touch with Coach Brad, and click through to learn a thing or two.

Online Poker Platforms

So you've taken the courses, you've sharpened your strats, and it's time to start building your poker bankroll. Ready to play online poker? We've put in work gathering intel on poker platform options available, and we've even gathered reviews from players just like you to help you choose the right place to play online poker. And of course CPG's deposit bonus referral will help you get some rungood right out of the gate. Sign up with us and get the NUFFLE course for free!

Poker Mindset & Performance

Obviously poker is not just a game of numbers. It is a game of mental acuity, thought stamina, and physical endurance, as well. Courses and data can take you a long way on your chase for poker greatness, but how do you get the rest of the way there? In exploratory deep dives with bleeding edge gurus and visionary prophets of mental performance and philosophical perspectives, this is where the high hanging fruit is found.

Most poker courses out there offer you theories.

CPG poker courses deliver you the solutions.

Start your chase for poker greatness here with these leading-edge courses:

Data-Driven Poker Courses with Actual Solutions for Preflop Play and All Three Streets

The Mass Data Analysis (MDA) Revolution Has Arrived.

CPG’s bleeding edge No Limit Texas Holdem cash game poker training curriculum is developed through MDA-driven analysis, drawn from millions of poker hands, to give you a max exploit roadmap to the land of +EV decision making at all stakes for implementation both online and live.

We’ve done the math. We’ve saved the receipts. We’ve commissioned literal mathematicians to identify mass data trends of the global poker player pool, and from that foundation we’ve built simple, data-proven situational actions that directly translate to profit at the poker table

The benefit of providing these end result solutions to you right from the drop is that you can immediately start implementing these poker strategies into your game today and begin hardwiring this system upgrade right into your brain as you play until it becomes second nature. We feel that learning by doing is the best way to truly absorb poker knowledge and validate the results in realtime on the green felt.

Other poker training platforms are weighted toward a mix of subjective, oftentimes conflicting theory and a “do what these pros do” approach toward teaching. We believe their methods of teaching poker are ineffective delivery systems for retaining knowledge, and they do nothing to gain you actual experience in the process of your learning.

And so we’ve spent considerable resources analyzing how poker players most effectively learn and absorb information, so that our courses and the process of your learning is optimized for full immersion and daily skill-building as you implement these solid solutions into your game.

The Perfect Preflop Primer, In a Week-Long Group Study Format:

Preflop Bootcamp

Preflop Bootcamp is your fastest route to bulletproof confidence before the flop, without needing a photographic memory. Don't settle for "good enough" preflop decisions when you have an opportunity to make a massive skillset upgrade that lasts the lifetime of your poker career whether in peacetime or war. Based on optimal solver ranges, your combat training to develop +EV preflop decisions starts here. Word of warning: it's called "bootcamp" for a reason. It's hard, but immensely rewarding.

The Precision Postflop Package to Fillet Those Fish On the Felt:

Fish In a Barrel & Feeding Frenzy

Welcome to the most powerful systems in poker for maximizing profit against fish with laser-like precision, without relying on flawed intuition, outdated assumptions, or using any advanced software. Quickly learnable and ready for rapid deployment, these individual courses cover in-position continuation betting (C-bet) strategy vs. fish in single raised pots from the flop through the river, detailing exactly how you should structure your bluffs, when you should call down or fold in the face of bets and raises, and how strong your hands need to be so that you can maximize your value!

The "Neutralizer" Series of Street-Specific Spots Frequently Found in Poker:

NUFFLE (Neutralize Flop Leads)

It feels weird when you raise preflop and your opponent leads into you on the flop, right? If they really had a strong hand, wouldn't they wait for you to bet before they pounced? Should you raise their flop lead when you have air? What do you do when you have a hand like bottom pair? How do you maximize your EV when you actually have strong value like an overpair? If you want the perfect solution from today until the end of days, then scoop up NUFFLE and Neutralize Flop Leads!

NUTTLE (Neutralize Turn Leads)

Let's say everything's going according to plan on the flop, and then villain wakes up to seize the betting lead out of position on the turn. Enter NUTTLE: your literal blueprint for calldown protocol facing turn bets, air / draw protocol against turn donk bets, and value raise thresholds with sizing parameters and 5th street follow-up battle plans to take down the pot. Guidance for turn and river textures are pre-baked into the decision tree to make villain's turn leads more neutralized than ever.

NURRLE (Neutralize River Leads)

Described by our students as "cheat codes from the poker gods," we've all been in this very strange but potentially profitable spot: you're betting on the flop and turn, and villain's paying you off the whole way. Then, ***record scratch*** villain leads out with a bet on the river? Neutralize that noise with NURRLE's proven-profitable calling threshold and value raising solutions based on hard data for every river card runout.


No recurring monthly fees. No unnecessary filler content. No more rushing to get through everything before a pricy subscription lapses.

We sell solutions and you get what you pay for. Those solutions pay for themselves at the poker tables — guaranteed or your money back.


What Else Comes With Enrollment in a CPG Poker Course?

POKER POWER HOUR: Course Enrollments in Preflop Bootcamp, Fish In A Barrel + Feeding Frenzy, or NUFFLE grants access to a Monthly Zoom Call with CPG coaches and fellow students to break down hands relating to the curriculum

Your purchase of any of the following: Preflop Bootcamp, Fish In A Barrel + Feeding Frenzy, NUFFLE, NUTTLE, or NURRLE grants access to a Poker Power Hour session every 3 weeks for that course, consisting of direct group learning sessions live over Zoom with Coach Brad and many associate coaches, breaking down your student-submitted hands specific to the course material and its implementation. Enroll in all courses and you will have a PPH session each week!

Gain Access to Course-Specific Slack Channels for ongoing discussion of poker hand analysis (yours and fellow students) for evolving implementation

While all are welcome in the public channels of CPG's Greatness Village online poker community, your enrollment in a CPG course grants you access to a dedicated channel that serves as your on-demand support line and open forum for any questions or strategy discussions for that course. Coach Brad and the associate coaches (and fellow students) are always up to talk strategy!

Access To All Future Course Updates Forever

Poker is always evolving, and with this comes changes in global player trends that reveal opportunities for newfound EV, as well as the dissolution of previous sources. As such, our evaluation of the shifting poker meta is ongoing and ceaseless. All of our courses are routinely audited to verify their validity and profitability at scale. Whereas other poker training platforms have nebulous theories and lectures that are flexible and only loosely bound by data, our standards are significantly higher, as our value proposition to our customers consists solely of offering successful solutions that prove profitable to our students. Our definition of success is, by default, directly tied to the success of our students. For this reason, your purchase of any CPG course grants you access to all future updates to the course, forever.


The next time you’re in a tough spot at the poker table faced with a big decision, you can either be struggling to remember some vague platitude that a top pro (who never plays the same stakes as you) said on a webinar you watched 5 months ago — OR — you can be armed in that moment with a definitive solution backed by hard data that is proven to be a long-term profitable, +EV decision. It’s up to you.


Greatness Village: The Best Poker Community Out There. We've Got Support in Spades.

Poker Is A Team Sport. And We Like Our Chances This Year.

We’re all in this poker thing together. And it can be a hard and lonely road in these streets, whether you put in work online or at the tangible tables. Where’s a poker player to turn to talk strategy, break down hands, and dive deeper into CPG course study?

***large iron gate opening noise with sunrays appearing through clouds as cinematic score swells***

Welcome to Greatness Village: a community support network united in a shared pursuit of poker greatness! Free for anyone to join (regardless of buying a CPG course or not), we’re unaware of a more welcoming and helpful group of poker players paying it forward to help new villagers of any skill level develop their strategies, gain advice about hands they’ve played, and get onboarded with CPG course material to refine its implementation. It’s not uncommon to see CPG students form their own friendly breakout study sessions to push each other to “get good” and have a bit of social fun in the process.

Overseen by Coach Brad Wilson himself, where he chimes in pretty much daily on every Slack channel he can, the Village is populated by associate CPG coaches who are experts in all CPG poker courses, online and live crushers who have been exactly where you are at some point in their own poker career, and most importantly, it’s populated by players just like you, sharing the same goals to improve at the game of poker!

Community is the cornerstone of Chasing Poker Greatness. It’s embedded in our DNA and we like to think it’s one of the main reasons for our growth. We’re here to help and we invite you to become a part of the community. Stop by and say hi!

As the old saying goes…

“It takes a village to raise an absolute crusher on the green felt.”

Or something like that.

Overheard at the Last Greatness village Online block party:

"My favourite thing about Greatness Village is the attitude everyone shares towards improvement in poker. Like, we're all friends and willing to be vulnerable with silly questions, but we'll also roast each others' lines."
Greatness Village Ambassador
"I'd still be alone in my poker journey if I hadn't found the Greatness Village community and I can't ever imagine going back."
Danny H.
Greatness Village Neighborhood Watch Organizer
"Greatness Village is a place for grown ass men and women to come talk about their feelings. And it's an opportunity to help others and share poker knowledge."
former student (when he said this), now coach at CPG!
"Without Greatness Village I’d be out of poker by now. I had a real turning point right before quitting in frustration that was 100% brought about by Coach Brad."
Rene C.
Greatness Village HOA President

Discuss Poker Strategy with other Villagers in the #university Slack Channel (free to join):

Jump on a Zoom call with other Villagers to Break Down Poker Hands (and each other):

The Most Thought-Provoking Poker Podcast Featuring Top Pros & Inspirational Mindset Experts

Poker is More Than Just Playing.

Poker is preparation for performance. Poker is management of mindset. Poker is study of the session. It’s an industry and it’s a game. It’s a competition and it’s a job. It’s an obsession and it’s light-hearted.

It all depends on your perspective.

It’s these perspectives and insights into poker philosophy, strategy, trends, landscape, history, future, and everything in between that Brad Wilson dutifully delves into with celebrated legends, visionaries, thinkers, dreamers, the old guard, and the next up on every episode of the Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast.

You can only learn so much from strategy and study. Poker is a game of mental and physical endurance, and a healthy relationship with the game is not easy to balance at all times. At some point in everyone’s poker career, there comes a time when you need reinvigoration, perspective, and reflection to get to the next level, or prevent yourself from falling to the last.

With over 200 podcast episodes and quickly counting, guests include Matt Berkey, Phil Hellmuth, DGAF, Nick Howard, Johnny Vibes, Kristen Bicknell, David Tuchman, Tommy Angelo, Matt Vaughan, Jonathan Little, Maria Konnikova, James Romero, Martin Jacobsen, Eli Elezra, Landon Tice, Greg Raymer, Marle Cordeiro, Norman Chad, PokerBunny, James Sweeney, The Poker Guys, Jungleman, and so many more.

You know the names. Now hear their stories.

The next chapter in your chase for poker greatness begins here with custom-focused private coaching:

1-on-1 Private Poker Coaching Sessions to Enhance Your Edge in Cash Game Poker

Welcome to The Next Level Path in Your Poker Pursuit.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. Private poker coaching is not for the passive poker player. The commitment is significant and the accountability is real. The work is demanding, but the rewards are exhilarating. It is a discipline of the self, and you must be the one to demand it. The coach can show you the path and give you your armor, but you have to be the one to run the gauntlet and come back to improve your technique before doing it again and again.

Have we lost you yet? If not, then maybe that awesome website copy convinced you that you might just be ready to elevate your cash game and poker career to the next level with Coach Shu: an absolute crusher with the poker earnings graph to prove it (pic related).

If you think you have the will, the patience, the stamina, and the open mind required to take things further in your poker chase, reach out to Shu for an evaluation and we’ll go from there.

“Shu’s an absolute beast who has my full trust and confidence. He consistently overdelivers, crushes the games, and genuinely cares about his students.”
Coach Brad Wilson
Founder of Chasing Poker Greatness

Apply For Private Poker Coaching With Shu

We encourage you to submit an application today and we'll review it promptly to see if the Shu fits.

There’s a difference between shot taking… and shot making. Private poker coaching can help you smash through that glass ceiling to the next level. Plug your leaks, exploit more villains, and know exactly what you should be studying so that you can realize your full poker potential!


And now for the final boss standing in the way of your chase for poker greatness…

Are you a lone wolf…

searching for the ultimate pack?

Join The CPG Wolves: Our Coaching For Profits Program for Elite Players Taking Their Shot to Reach the Upper Echelon of Cash Game Poker

The CPG Wolf Program is a close-knit brotherhood, hell bent on one thing only: Chasing Poker Greatness. Powered by bleeding edge Wolf strats and led by Coach Brad and his lieutenants, CPG Wolves are systematically prepared for almost any spot they’ll encounter on the green felt. If you want to plug into an elite team and have a step-by-step game plan to help you realize your full poker potential, you can apply now. Space is limited and the pack is only as strong as its weakest member. So only the hungriest, grittiest, and most driven will be accepted into the program. Applications are open…

Brad Wilson started Chasing Poker Greatness. This was all his idea, officer. 👇🏻










A Lil' Bit About Brad Wilson and Chasing Poker Greatness...

Launched as a simple podcast in 2019 by one grinder against the world, Brad Wilson, Chasing Poker Greatness has quickly evolved to become a multi-faceted hub of poker training, poker courses, poker coaching, mindset and philosophy, podcast interviews, and community — all accessible to beginners, regs, and high stakes players striving to enhance their edge in a rapidly changing poker meta.

CPG’s bleeding edge training curriculum is developed through Mass Data Analysis (MDA) driven strategy, drawn from millions of poker hands, to give you a max exploit roadmap to the land of +EV decision making at all stakes for implementation both online and live on the felt.

Whether you’re here to gain knowledge and philosophy from top pros interviewed on the Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast, or you’re aiming to build a rock solid foundation of live and online poker strategy, we invite you to join the community and chase poker greatness with us!

Free Poker Training and Next-Level Strategy from Real Players in Real Hand Breakdowns

It Costs You Zero Dollars to Start Your Poker Improvement. 

We’re pretty sure we’re supposed to be charging for this stuff, but I guess nobody ever accused us of being brilliant businesspeople. We just love poker and helping players improve their poker game, and maybe have a few laughs in the process. And so poker coach Brad Wilson and co-host Jon Chai turn Tuesdays into the most Tactical of days, to break down real-world hands and dissect the inner thought process and logical decision tree associated with playing profitable poker.

Fast approaching 100 episodes, Tactical Tuesday is a free poker training video series of a coach / student format, in which Coach Brad reviews hands from equal parts aspiring and accomplished crusher Jon — finding leaks and fixing them, exploring alternate paths to +EV, and especially trying to convince him to stop turning pairs into bluffs!

Available as both a podcast episode and published on YouTube, other training platforms put literally the same thing behind a paywall as part of their subscription content. At CPG, we want you to see the value of our courses in action, so we’re showing you the receipts by breaking down hands weekly from a variety of stakes.

Click here (soon) for more free poker resources found in our poker blog archives, containing more nuanced strategy from seasoned poker pro Brad Wilson!

It's Not a Poker Cult, We Swear.

"This is a testimonial from a female player to show that CPG courses and the community is welcoming to female players and students."
Client Name
"This is a testimonial from someone outside the USA to illustrate that CPG has global appeal and no matter where you are, you have a place in our online Village."
Client Name
"This is a testimonial from an older guy or woman, which can illustrate how the curriculum is accessible for players of all ages, and will help old school players jump right back in to the modern meta."

OK, So It's a Little Bit of a Poker Cult.


Check out our Poker Platforms page for a breakdown of your options, with REAL user reviews from players just like you!


With titles ranging from deep strategy to fiction and even memoirs and poker lifestyle, there's something for everyone in our list of the 64 Best Poker Books of All Time. With exclusive discount codes for CPG users, pick up a title for yourself and a gift for a friend in your pursuit of limitless poker knowledge, philosophy, and theory to find more pathways to greatness.

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Questions about the courses? Wondering where to start? Looking for advice? Hit us up with anything you want to discuss and we're here to help. Either Coach Brad or one of his staff will get back to you shortly to set you up with anything you need out of CPG. Don't hesitate to ask!

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